SUPERNATURAL Marula Skin Elixir
SKU: 7110402
15 ml | 0.5 fl oz

Limited Edition - available while supplies last!

Restore skin radiance and supercharge hydration with this deeply nourishing and moisturizing miracle oil. Packed with a pure blend of marula and lavender oils, it sinks into skin, quenches dryness and leaves skin plump and radiant.

“This is my happy place with my happy face.....oil. Supernatural is like liquid gold for my dry skin❣” - Jenny

“I love the Supernatural skin oil. Especially that it feels so lightweight and not heavy and oily" - Wendy

Use every evening. Start by washing with DO OVER Nourishing Cleanser. Apply PARTNER IN TIME Age-Defying Night Serum and OUT OF SIGHT Rejuvenating Eye Treatment. Then apply 3-5 drops of SUPERNATURAL Marula Skin Elixir and massage it into skin using a gentle, sweeping, upward motion. Follow with SLEEPOVER Replenishing Night Cream to seal in moisture and nutrients.
Marula Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

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